Why Thailand?

    Over the course of the last year, God has allowed us to get to know the Bassham family, veteran missionaries to Thailand. 

    In spending time with Philip, I’ve been able to see the burden on his face and hear the love for the Thai people in his voice. After hearing about the great need in Thailand, I began to pray and ask God what would be his plan for us.

    I know that I have the written Word that is telling me to go. I’ve had the inward urge to go anywhere the Lord would allow us to serve him since those early college days. It was after considering Romans 10:14 “how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard”, that I now am certain that the Lord has allowed us to meet the Basshams in order for us to get a burden for Thailand.

    We are beyond excited to see what the Lord will allow us to accomplish for Him in Thailand!

About Thailand:

Current population: 69 million souls


Religions: 94% Buddhist, 5% Muslim, less than 1% Christian


Capital city: Bangkok, population of 8 million

Reaching Thailand 2023

Adam and Angel Ragsdale

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