Pastoral References:

Dear Pastor,


My wife and I have been blessed to know many missionary families through the years. We have been blessed to see couples take every step of the journey from surrender, deputation, first years on the field, and their first church. One of the lessons gained through these years is being able to recognize some of the characteristics of missionaries that we believe will have joyful and effective ministries on the field. 


Adam and Angel have continually demonstrated the hearts of servants. They look for and find opportunities to serve all around them. We believe this will be used mightily of God as they serve Him in Thailand. 


We have also been able to walk with the Ragsdale's during difficult seasons in their lives. During these times they grew only closer to one another and the Lord. This is so encouraging because we know life will present more challenges to them as they continue to serve the Lord. 


Adam and Angel are our friends and they have been very involved as church members. If you have any questions I'd love the opportunity to speak with you about them. We believe God will use their lives for His glory. 


Sincerely and simply, 

Trent Cornwell,

Senior Pastor, Vision Baptist Church

I am excited to recommend to you Adam and Angel Ragsdale as church planting missionaries to Thailand.

God has given me the privilege of being the Ragsdale’s pastor. I have watched as the Lord has grown them.

Adam has a servant’s heart. He desires to be used and will do any job from the minimal to the hardest. 

The Ragsdales will be going to Thailand, which is one of the neediest countries in the world. I believe God will use them significantly. I believe that if you support them as missionaries, you will have much fruit added to your account. 

Please have Adam in to present his ministry to your church. He will bless your church. He is worthy of your support.

If you have any further questions about the Ragsdales, their character, dedication, preparation, or service, please feel free to give me a call.

Yours to evangelize the world in our generation,


W. Austin Gardner,

Pastor Emeritus, Vision Baptist Church

Matthew 6:33