I was saved at the age of 16 and surrendered to the ministry soon thereafter. 

   Shortly after graduating high school, I enrolled  in Bible College. While there, my missions professor began to encourage me to consider being a missionary. Later that same year, I met Sam Quinn who began to encourage me to visit Vision because I was interested in being a missionary. 

    After graduating from Bible College, I visited Vision and knew I needed to be here. 

In Spring of 2017 I moved to Alpharetta, GA and have spent this time learning how to become a missionary, how to train leaders and how to build a strong ministry.

    I met my wife (Angel) in March of 2018 and we were married in May of 2019.


I was born into a Christian home in Rochester, NY. When I was sixteen, I went to a Christian camp for teen girls. The very first lesson was taught by my pastor’s wife. She taught on Religion or Relationship: Which do You Have? I finally came to the realization that I did not have a personal relationship with Jesus; I had not yet accepted Him as my Savior. I have never had any doubts that He saved me since that day. God has been so good to me. He made it possible for me to graduate from Bible Institute and to visit three different mission fields for long term periods. Then God called me to be a missionary to South Africa where I served for just under a year. For the past year and a half I have been in missionary training at Vision Baptist Missions in Alpharetta, GA.